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~*Public Announcement*~ [Nov. 20th, 2001|05:07 pm]
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Wanna read my Livejournal?

Then post a comment...because it's "friend's only" =).

There's a good chance you'll be added...I just write about everything, and wanna know who's reading it!

[User Picture]From: nspatty
2002-04-17 04:14 pm (UTC)


Patty here.. lol I Heather called me from your house the other night.. Anyway, every once in a while Heather leaves things out of her journal.. I think she said that you "almost wrote a book already" regarding a concert or something... anyways, if you've got time and ya don't mind, add me as a friend =) I put you on my list, so you can read my random friend-only posts.. thanks
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[User Picture]From: xflirtangel15x
2002-04-18 06:45 am (UTC)

Re: Hey

Lol..yeah heather did call you from my house..i was the one that was talking pretty loud..lol sorry bout that ;). Haha, i guess i do tend to write a lot in my lj entries...half the time i don't even think that anyone actually reads all of them, lol. But anyways, i'll add ya on my friends list =).
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