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~*Public Announcement*~ [Nov. 20th, 2001|05:07 pm]
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Wanna read my Livejournal?

Then post a comment...because it's "friend's only" =).

There's a good chance you'll be added...I just write about everything, and wanna know who's reading it!

From: shootingthestar
2002-03-02 11:26 am (UTC)

Hey. I was looking through random users, and I found yours. You did basically the same thing I did, kinda. I mean by putting all your entries on friends only. Someone at school found the link to my journal and there was a bunch of bad stuff in there so I had to make a whole new journal, and read back through my old entries and save the ones that I found meorable and put them in the new one. Confusing, right? lol. Well I put you on my friends list, and you can put me on yours if you want. :)
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